Express (30 min) $45

A general massage concentrating on your area of concern for 30 minutes.

SWEDISH MASSAGE (60 min) $75 (90 min) $100

Custom aromatherapy along with long fluid strokes help to reduce tension and stress while promoting relaxation.

DEEP TISSUE / SPORT MASSAGE (60 min) $80 (90 min) $110

This massage incorporates the manipulation of the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue to enhance their function and promote a deeper sense of well-being.

HOT STONE MASSAGE (60 min) $90 (90 min) $120

Experience a truly unique and luxurious massage with the warmth of heated stones. This massage penetrates the deeper layers of your muscles with heat to take you to the highest level of relaxation.


Reflexology (60 min) $80 (90 min) $110

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment. It is based on the ancient Chinese theory that in a healthy body, energy is flowing freely – and if that energy becomes obstructed, then illness may result. Reflexology works on the principle that the feet mirror the body. All the organs, systems and glands of the body have a corresponding area on the feet, known as reflex points. A reflexologist knows how to stimulate the reflex points in order to treat the corresponding body part

Lymphatic (60 min) $90 (90 min) $120

A certified therapist with appropriate training performs a painless and relaxing, whole-body massage. The entire procedure physically stimulates the lymphatic system to move excessive fluids that are associated with the body’s lymphatic system. The movement of lymphatic fluid through lymphatic nodes purifies and detoxifies unhealthy fluid that surrounds our connective tissues.


The following treatments are available as an add-on to any of our Massages.

Scalp Massage $10

This custom scalp massage is a great addition to any massage to stimulate blood flow and release tension in the neck and shoulders.

Foot Reflexology $35

Pressure is applied to reflexes in the feet that correspond to organs in the body. Stimulation of the reflexes improves circulation and relieves stress.