GQ HANDS (45 min) $30

Soak, shape, cuticle, scrub, massage, buff

For immaculate hands that make a good impression, this manicure delivers complete hand, nail and cuticle maintenance. Rough hands are smoothed with a sea salt exfoliation; hands and lower arms are re-energized with a tension-relieving massage and nails are buffed to remove ridges and imperfections Hands and nails look smart, clean and professional.


GQ HANDS & FEET (100 min) $60

EXECUTIVE HANDS & FEET (120 min) $80

EXECUTIVE HANDS (60 min) $40

Soak, shape, buff, cuticle, scrub, paraffin or Mask, massage

Our GQ HANDS and more. In addition to the results achieved from the GQ Hands, our Executive hand treatment for men incorporates a deep-conditioning paraffin treatment or mask. The warmth helps to improve circulation and aid the absorption of the moisturizer. The results are outstanding and long-lasting.

GQ FEETĀ  (45 min) $40

Soak, shape, buff, cuticle, foot file, scrub, massage

Always put your best feet forward with our maintenance pedicure for men. Toenails are tidied, cuticles are treated and hard skin is removed with a sea salt and oil exfoliation. Nails are buffed to removed ridges, aching feet are massaged and moisturizer is applied to smooth and condition; a must-have treatment for neat and healthy feet.

EXECUTIVE FEET (60 min) $50

Soak, shape, cuticle, buff, scrub, foot file, paraffin or Mask, massage

With our signature foot treatment for men, you will enjoy all the benefits of our Maintenance Pedicure, with the addition of a deep-conditioning treatment. Feet are massaged with paraffin or mask. The gradual, relaxing warmth of the boots encourages the penetration of the moisturizer and helps to improve circulation. Post treatment, feet look good and feel incredibly smooth.